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Now available “Bloody Metal Summer” compilation

It has come! From our sponsoring web Sangre de Metal we receive the compilation “Bloody Metal Summer“, where more than 20 rock and metal bands have joined us to share our music. As we advance earlier in our web, we are very grateful to Sangre de Metal, (especially to Wolf) for all the support they give to us. In”Bloody Metal […]

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#ConspiracyTour arrives to Valencia thanks to Cuarto Oscuro

Third Dim3nsion y Cuarto Oscuro share the stage for first time in this very special date in  Paberse Matao – Sedaví (Valencia) next 2nd July. Cuarto Oscuro, from Marcilla, Navarra, continues their succesfully tour showing their new album Fénix. After playing in  Pamplona, Salamanca, Zaragoza or Santander , and bring enjoyment to both media and fans with this fourt CD, […]

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New “Bloody Metal Summer” Compilation.

All the members of Third Dim3nsion’s team are very proud to appear in the first volume of the compilation ” Bloody Metal Summer” , organized by the page Sangre de Metal. The web specializing in Metal, with Ruben Sanchez in their ranks, supports music uniting in one place groups like SynlakrosS, Raven’s Gate, Sapere Aude, […]

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New date on our Conspiracy Tour!

We’ll be with our friends from ‪#‎MindTraveller‬ in our first gig in Extremadura this April 30th. Metalcore and Power Metal together in a great concert. Be in with us!

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