Miguel Angel (Vocals)
Sergio Vasco (Guitar)
Jorge Baeza (Guitar)
Jose (Bass & Backing Vocals)
Javi “Quentin” (Drums)
Elena Alonso (Keyboard)




Third Dim3nsion is a Power Metal band focused on the German variant. Founded in 2005 by Miguel Angel Monzón (vocals) and Javier “Quentin” (drums), the band grew with the arrival of Jose (bass and vocals) , recording two demos: The Eagle’s Eyes ( 2007) and The Help of the Gods (2008). Later, with the arrival of Sergio Vasco (guitar), his third demo was recorded: Ray of Light (2011).

After playing in various stages of Madrid, in 2011 the group was selected to participate in  GranitoRock festival (Collado Villalba) along with other winning bands of the contest, and sponsored by Tierra Santa and Jorge Salan. Among others, they have shared the stage with prestige bands like Lujuria, SanTelmo, Centinela, Dragonfly or Nova Era.

In 2014, Jorge Baeza joined as second guitar and the first full-length album, called Where The Dragon Lies, was recorded. The album has received good reviews from the specialized media.

In February 2015, with the entry of Elena Alonso as keyboardist, the band’s formation is completed.

Nowadays, Third Dim3nsion is showing their new album, called Conspiracy Theory which saw the light on December 2015.