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Conspiracy Theory

01. Project Infinity
02. Last Survivors
03. Lanre's Revenge
04. Sacrifice
05. Conspiracy Theory
06. Nexus-6
07. Tears and Thorns
08. Gate To the Stars
09. The Price for One Rose
10. The Warrior is Back
11. Where The Dragon Lies
12. From Ashes
13. Now When All Begins

Total playing time: -----
Format: full-length CD
Release date: 10.01.2016
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Conspiracy Theory
Miguel Angel (Vocals)
Sergio Vasco (Guitars)
Jorge Baeza (Guitars)
Elena Alonso (Keyboards)
Jose (Bass & Backing Vocals)
Javi "Quentin" (Drums)

Portrait design –Maxetormer
Logo design – Javi "Quentin"
CD layout – Javi "Quentin"
Photography – Javi "Quentin"
Recording and Production
Producer – Miguel Angel (Infinity Studios)
Recording – Miguel Angel, Sergio Vasco,
Jose, Javi "Quentin"
Mixed & mastered – Miguel Angel (Infinity Studios)

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