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Third Dim3nsion’s presentation concert – Reviews

Third Dim3nsion en Silikona

Third Dimension by Pablo López Photography

On June 2, Sala Silikona hall in Madrid was filled with Power Metal in our presentation concert. The new formation had a lot to say and this is what the media that attended (and those who thank the chronicle again) think.
Concertrial gives us a chronicle in images. They are impressive!
Photographs by Javier García.

► La Frontera del Silencio -Heavy Metal– «[..] Your bet was quite successful […] High note for the band whose […] new formation has risen from its ashes like a powerful Power Metal countercurrent. The truth is that the sextet has a lot of power. »
Chronicle by Raúl Álvarez Akira (minute 2:00:00h)

Redhardnheavy «An absolute celebration of Power Metal in capital letters by THIRD DIM3NSION, one of the most promising bands of the national metal within its style. That was what he lived on June 2 in the Silikona room: Music and delivery with capital letters. […] The promise has become a reality, if there is justice in this metal, this is only the beginning of the growth of a band that has an important presence in the national and international scene in its own right. »
Chronicle and photographs by Javier Paredes

► Diario de un rockero «[…] Once again before giving way to the third song that moves through a cloud, which does not stay behind and shows once again the great facility it has to reach all the levels the people who were accompanying them at that moment »
Chronicle and photographs by Freya

If you have photos, videos or chronicles of the concert, share it with us.
See you at the next concert! We are alive!

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