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Next live show 21st October

Made by  CHR Photography

Made by  CHR Photography

A night full of Power and Rock is coming. Next 21st October Nazca Stage will arise with the four bands that form the III DC Rock Festival.

We want children to be part of the show, that’s why kids under 18 can come to see the show free.

Music is alive, and so we are. We Are Alive!

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Timo Tolkki + Third Dim3nsion – Reviews

Third Dim3nsion by Cristian López Fotografía.

Third Dim3nsion by Cristian López Fotografía.

On April 27th, thanks to Sun ON Concert, Esqui Corsario and David Collados Almansa we returned to the stage, opening the night for one of the icons of #PowerMetal: Timo Tolkki, former guitarist of #Stratovarius. For us this first event of our new stage has been unforgettable and has marked a turning point in everything that is to come. This is what the media who attended said (and to whom we thank their chronicles again) “[…] the sextet that was in Copernico devastated as if they had spent several decades dedicating themselves to it. In six tracks, including the successful version of Gamma Ray’s “Heaven Can Wait”, Third Dim3nsion came, saw and beat. Energy in abundance and a scenario, despite their decent size, they were small. An A for them. ”
Text and photography: Alberto Sanz. Full chronicle at:

Metaltrip «The group offered a very solid concert and showed a lot of solitude for their youth, especially their guitarists Manolo Parra and Jorge Torres, some real young prodigies. The Aranjuez knew very well how to connect with the public who did not stop giving back applause of support in all songs.
Text and photography: Fernando Lafora. Full Chronicle at:

Words For Metal«The Madrilenians have demonstrated their great power on stage as well as their extensive musical quality thanks to neoclassical passages by both guitars along with a clean and concise rhythmic base through bass lines, drums and keyboards , but without forgetting the role of the singer, who is the main composer of the band.
Text and photography: Words for metal – Cristian Rodríguez. Full chronicle at: “For something less than 45 minutes they were in charge of heating the atmosphere while the public was entering and well they did it, because to the second theme we were already a few doing the choirs to rhythm of headbanging. The group has improved a lot and what three years ago seemed to me a panda of buddies, now is a real rock band with a promising future.
Text and photography: Leticia RC and Dani Díez. Complete Chronicle at:

Metal Korner “Called the atmosphere to the maximum, they said goodbye with” Ray Of Light “, to hug and greet while the other” Now When All Begins “sounded with the sensation of having offered its maximum exponent on the tables, having completely turned over to to receive the affection of Madrid and the instance to be able to contemplate them in successive bowls, because the taste of mouth was unbeatable; they played their only card and won. ”
Text and photography: Metalkorner – Rafa Soler. Complete Chronicle at: «The first thing that surprised me is how much the band has improved since I first saw them in a Granite Rock a few years ago, with two studio albums in the market and one more than remarkable baggage in the scenarios, this training that practices a direct, fun and without Complex Power Metal in the line of HELLOWEEN or GAMMA RAY, offered a short but very effective concert. […] The National Power Metal is in luck with bands like this and if it continues progressing who knows how far you can go. »
Text and photography: Txema Sáez and Laura Ruiz. Full chronicle at:

GoetiaMedia «They did a correct concert and the Power Metal has a future assured with them, although of course the genre as such does not have the pull of three lustrums ago … Whatever it is, have luck in your walk»
Text: Mariano Bacigaluppi. Full chronicle at:

Redhardnheavy «[…] returning overwhelmingly, fresh and determined to eat the world thing they deserve. Band very young but excellent, worthy successors of the STRATOVARIUS, ANGRA, GAMMA RAY and others, and that also make “that” power metal at the present time without any complex and without demerecer at all what they did then. »
Text and photography: Rocío Gómez and Javier Paredes. Complete Chronicle at:

See you at the next concert! #WeAreAlive!

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